• About Two Fluffy Foodies

    Why we decided to become bloggers.....

    Susie and I are self proclaimed foodies. We have no culinary training, but we think we have pretty darn good taste in food. After following the local food reviewers we feel that we have been led astray. So, we have decided to strike out on our own. We don't guarantee you will always agree with us, but we will give you our honest thoughts on a meal, without taking a penny for it (even free food), straight from our hearts and taste buds. I hope you enjoy the journey with us!


    Mel Cann & Susie Lawper

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    Meet Mel Cann and Susie Lawper

    The Thelma and Louise of San Antonio, Tx

    While we love good food, it isn't just about the food. It's about the experience.


    We love traveling to neighboring areas and trying out new places. While Covid 19 has put a damper on that, we are still doing our best to support local restaurants we feel are safe, and drive thru when needed.


    Welcome to our blog....

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