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A trip to Greece.......

Mina and Dimi's Greek House

7159 W US Hwy 90

Monday thru Thurs 11a -8p

Friday & Saturday 11a - 9p

Open for Dine in and Delivery


Though we have eaten here many times before, this time did not disappoint. Susie was unexpectedly, otherwise, occupied this evening. so I recruited another sidekick. Mandye, the Scrappy doo to my Scooby, and off we went.


This isn't your everyday Greek food. When you walk in you are immediately greeted with a burst of energy, sound, and smells that just transport you to Greece (or what I imagine Greece would be. Since the closest I have been is the movie Mama Mia).


Everyone was socially distanced appropriately. Wearning Masks. Hand sanitizer right as you entered. Grade for Covid 19 precautions: A+.


The staff is friendly, but not too friendly, if you know what I mean.. They have an excellent selection of wine, beer, and desserts in a big refrigerated case by the register. They also sell bottled soda and soda from the machine. I think they have tea at lunch, but don't hold me to that.


I ordered a side order of Feta Fries (French fries covered in their special dill sauce and feta cheese) and Dolmades (rolled grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, lamb, and rice. Topped with dill sauce, and a side of tzatziki sauce). Mandye ordered a Chicken Gyro Combination (a chicken gyro, Greek salad, and French fries which you can ask to have converted to feta fries for a well worth it extra charge).


The Feta Fries were to die for, as always. Fresh cut and fried to perfection. They are tossed in dill sauce and covered with feta cheese. Catsup and/or Ranch dressing cannot compare to dill sauce. The dolmades here are served warm. They use really high quality grape leaves, and the spices in the meat are on point. They drizzle dill sauce on these as well, and the tzatziki sauce adds a brightness to cut through the richness. And did I mention the dill sauce? It is really something special. It is original to Mina and Dimi's. Trust me, you want to try this sauce.


The Chicken Gyro was yumbo liscious (Scrappy doo let me try a little). The Pita was warm, soft, and fluffy. Chicken spiced to perfection, and sliced just right. The honey mustard sauce inside adds just enough sweetness and tang. The veggies in the sandwich were fresh, as well as those in the salad. The salad was dressed just right. I mean no-one wants their salad to be drowning in dressing. but you want to be able to taste the dressing. It is a very fine line to straddle, but that was right where this salad lived. She did not upgrade to the Feta Fries, for personal reasons :) Her fries were crispy, brown, and not greasy. Perfect for her.


So on a scale of 1 to 6 button extenders for our pants, it was a 6. Great food, service, music, and company. Who could ask for more. Happy eating!


Until Next Time!

Mel Cann & Scrappy Doo